IMPACT Foundation Bangladesh

An international initiative against avoidable disablement

  • IMPACT Chuadanga Project

    Impact Masudul Haque Memorial Community Health Centre (IMCHC) has been in operation in Chuadanga district since 1995. The Centre provides multiple services to the poorer communities in Chuadanga and the neighboring districts.

    Major facilities of the centre include: fully equipped operation theatre for emergency and routine surgeries with post-operative room; 20-bed in patient ward; 2- bed  pre-labour and a labour room; pre and post-natal checkup and delivery facilities; pathology and x-ray department; emergency services; out patients medical consultation and treatment facilities; immunization department, and training facilities for rural health workers.

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Over the last twenty years IFB has grown from a tiny initiative with a few volunteers into a organization with more than 200 staff. Our ongoing projects are:

IMPACT Foundation Bangladesh

An international initiative against avoidable disablement

  • IMPACT Nursing Institute

    Impact nursing Institute is the new venture of IFB; established in March 2014 with a view to create opportunity for rural girls to obtain 3 years Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery Certification.

    The Nursing Institute is accredited by The Bangladesh Nursing Council and is authorized to develop twenty nurses in each academic year. Impact Nursing Institute follows the national curriculum approved by the Bangladesh Nursing Council and World Health Organization (WHO).



  • Arsenic Mitigation Project

    IFB is implementing ‘Arsenic Mitigation Project’ in five unions of Meherpur Sadar Upazila of Meherpur district where concentration of arsenic in groundwater is extremely high.

    The project is supported by WaterAid Bangladesh as pilot and to explore different options of water supply facilities to provide arsenic free water to the affected poor households. IFB also installs sanitary latrines to improve their hygiene practices.





  • SJW Assistive Device Centre

    Sir John Wilson Assistive Device Center (SJWADC), Chuadanga is the sole specialized institution in Southwest region of Bangladesh for the management of physical disability and chronic pain.  SJWADC is manufacturing different kinds of orthotic and prosthetic devices.

    This Assistive Device Center has a physiotherapy unit where qualified physiotherapists are available to serve the patients. A large number of poor people are receiving physiotherapy and assistive device services at their doorstep through SJWADC..



  • Jibon Mela Health Centre

    IFB started programme for prevention and cure of disability in Meherpur district in September 2004. Initially there was a small Out Patient Department Clinic. As the service recipient gradually increased, a full- fledged hospital with training facilities was constructed. This health center has been providing medical and surgical treatment to the poor people of Meherpur district since April, 2007.

    This is also a 20 bedded hospital which provides OPD consultation for patient screening and treatment, pathological and radiological services for disease diagnostic, surgical services for curing disabling conditions, ante/ postnatal care, immunization for ensuring safe motherhood , physiotherapy and device support for enhancing mobility and many other clinical healthcare services.

    Besides, Jibon Mela provides community based healthcare and capacity building services to rural people of the district .



  • Jibon Tari Floating Hospital

    ‘Jibon Tari’, the Floating Hospital, first of this kind (since April 1999) for the riverbank population, is IFB’s unique venture that has gained huge popularity among the poor people living on the banks of major rivers in Bangladesh over the years. The boat hospital is equipped with adequate trained manpower, modern medical equipment and accessories to conduct surgery and to treat patients with common disabilities.

    The specialized services offered by ‘Jibon Tari’ have made available to the poorest of the poor of the country within their reach. Since 1999, the hospital has been moving from place to place throughout Bangladesh providing health care services to the most disadvantaged communities in the remotest riverine areas.

    At present, ‘Jibon Tari’ floating hospital is running its 48th project and it has so far covered 27 locations of 18 districts along different rivers of the country.



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